Oakland, Art, and Burning Man

Oakland, CA|Oakland, Art, and Burning Man

The Oakland, CA Artist Warehouse Scene and Burning Man Art

Oakland Artists and Artist Warehouse Spaces Have a Heavy Influence on the Art at Burning Man


Burning Man Art

Oakland artists influence Burning Man art.

    Burning Man “participants”  come from all over the world and from all walks of life every summer for one week to observe and take part in the work of many artists who maintain a lifestyle of creativity year round. Here at Oakland Our City Radio, we will be doing a series of articles on local artists, the artist warehouse spaces that populate the urban wastelands of Oaktown, and the effect they have on their communities and the art you see at Burning Man today.

     Most of us are familiar with the concept that  humans are creative beings by nature, and art is manifested in day to day life in how you cook, how you arrange your furniture, how you communicate with other people, and so on. The intent of this article is not to slam those who go out to the black rock desert just to take in the scenery and get a break from the work-a-day world. One would hope that most of these people would go back to their day to day lives after the experience a little more evolved and inspired, but whatever. To each their own.

    All that being said, dropping your drawers, painting yourself gold, and riding a bicycle around in the desert for a few days festooned with glow-sticks does not in and of itself an artist make. Making art does. And the city of Oakland is thick with people who do just that. Many a theme camp, art car, and art installation are hatched and manufactured in places like NIMBY, American Steel, and many other warehouse spaces that also host art shows and other events twelve months out of the year. There is a heavy work ethic in the bay area art scene, and it definitely manifests itself in these places.

Burning Man Artists Exhibit Art Year Round

    If you’re an East Bay artist with a project in the works that you want covered and promoted in this series, “like” us on facebook, and send us the info.


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Oakland, CA|Oakland, Art, and Burning Man

Oakland, CA

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