Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Turning A Hobby Into A Career

All You Wanted To Know About Pro-Tools

I would like to thank the audience of NightOutRadio.org for giving me the opportunity to discuss Pro-Tools. I hope you find this article both interesting and informative.

Some of the most exciting moments in the Pro-Tools class I teach are when the class lessons stray from the book and go off on tangents about production tips and other music related topics. Quite often these topics of conversation lead us to general music business questions and specifically how to make money in the music business.

There is a lot of fear and speculation these days as to the state of the music industry. Illegal file sharing and labels simply unwilling or too slow to adapt to change has contributed to many record labels going under. In spite of the doom and gloom, there has never been a better or more exciting time to get into the music business. Digital cable and online programming have created the greatest demand for new music than we have ever seen before. Now more than ever, new music is being sought by music fans, radio programmers, music supervisors, ad agencies, retail stores, and online websites. There is simply not enough quality content out there to fill the demand. On the record label side, we no longer have to figure in the costs of manufacturing CD’s or Vinyl because most sales these days are digital. Even promotion costs are held at a minimum thanks to online marketing tools like Facebook and You Tube. In addition to this, the biggest change in the music industry is in the plummeting costs of music production and recording. Thanks to programs like Pro-Tools, the cost to produce and record a new song has never been so inexpensive. In what used to cost thousands of dollars (sometimes tens of thousands of dollars) to produce a single song in a professional studio can now be achieved for virtually nothing by producing high quality records at home using Pro-Tools. This is something that has never been possible until recently! In consideration of this, all one needs is an ingenious spirit, a good home recording system (with the knowledge to use it to it’s fullest potential) and an internet connection to run a successful record label and a music production house that can actually compete with the big production houses and major record labels. The proverbial closed door of the music industry past is now wide open for anyone who wants to play.

When I started my production company in 2001, I had no money and few contacts. What I did have was a killer pro-tools system in the spare bedroom of my apartment and a strong desire to make music my career. Since then, I have sold over 13 million records and I have earned 19 gold and platinum RIAA sales awards for production and mixing. I have also had numerous songs placed on television and even in the movies! All of it was produced, recorded and mixed in my spare bedroom. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

To get started making your music industry dreams a reality, first make a commitment to learn the craft properly. Learn the tips and tricks engineers and producers have passed down for decades to give your product that quality sound heard on the radio. Next open your mind to possibility and think outside of the box. There may be rules to getting that quality sound, but there are no rules in getting your music heard.


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