Home is Night Out Radio

Home is Night Out Radio

Leave your clothes at the door

Not easy to find the passion in music today. But with talent Like Viv Peyrat, an artist that is played on philadelphia.nightoutradio.com- you can have faith that music is flowing back to the side of entertaining.

Here is a short blurb about Viv:

 Producer and Engineer Shelly Yakus –– who produced and recorded the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Madonna to name a few –– has said, “Viv is a guitarist that exhibits ‘chops’, taking us back to the days when guitarists could play so well your jaw would drop.”

Artist’s like this are hard to come by. They are professional, Savvy and have a way with their craft.

Well you can check out Viv’s profile on nightoutradio.com in Philadelphia here:



You can also hear his music played daily on the internet radio station under rock.

Also check out his interviews on Demand from the ever popular–ME– Maxx Fairo


Your Truly

Maxx Fairo

CEO nightoutradio.org


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