Archive for July 9th, 2011

Go Dutch Recordings (Netherlands)

Go Dutch Recordings (Netherlands) Go Dutch Recordings started in 2007, with releases in every major download store.  Presently on the roster is International Singing Sensation Coco Star.

Groove Records (USA)

Groove Records (USA) In 2011 John LePage resurrected his old NYC based record label, Groove Records, in digital format with the release of HEAVEN. TAKE ME HIGHER, CATCH A FIRE and LOVE SO STRONG quickly followed. Working with such talented singers, producers and remixers such as Debby Holiday, Peyton, Leo Frappier & Paul Goodyear is […]

Trylon Vet Care

Trylon Vet Care GENERAL HEALTH Companion animal medicine has made great strides in recent years. Pets are now enjoying longer, healthier, and happier lives with their human companions. Periodic physical examinations for all types of pets is the cornerstone of exceptional preventive health care. This affords us the chance of early disease detection and treatment. […]

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